jornadas del buen vivir

Good Living Days

The Mutur Beltz Association presents the Second Good Living Artistic Residency in Karrantza in 2018. This enables the continuation of the work previously carried out, with the aim of expanding the space for reflection, debate and dissemination regarding the state of the world of sheep and shepherds in Karrantza from the perspective of art; offering spaces and moments for shepherds and shepherdesses to live together with artists. ‘Ondo Bizi 2018’ press release

On Saturday 7 April, the First Good Living Day will be held with the aim of sharing this experience with the people of Karrantza and its surroundings, where participating artists will talk about their work. Also, to round out this event, the organisation has invited different agents to form a round table on the past, present, and future of sheep farming in Karrantza.

Good living artistic residency decision: projects from Bruno Delgado Ramo (Seville) and Onintza Etxebeste (Oiartzun) were chosen. Itxaso Díaz (Bilbao) is the guest artist.


– Presentation of the Second Good Living Artistic ResidencyItxaso Díaz and Onintza Etxebeste.
– The past, present, and future of sheep farming in Karrantza.
– Pastoral culture in the Karrantza Valley.
– Film: Bobinas ovinas: La Oveja y el cinematógrafo. (‘Sheep Reels: Sheep and Cinematography’). Bruno Delgado Ramo.