-K / -S naturak / naturalezas

From 17 to 19 October 2019, in the Lantegia 1 room of AZ, 1st floor.

See here the videos of the conferences

The 2019 eremuak workshops welcomed established local and international guests (in alphabetical order): Ana Laura Aláez, Bik Van der Pol, Fernando García-Dory, Hidrogenesse, Latitudes (Max Andrews y Mariana Cánepa Luna), Yael Messer, Jon Otamendi, Sergio Prego, María Ptqk, Alfredo Puente (Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia), Borbála Soós, Julia Spínola, Natalia Valencia Arango, Idoia Zabaleta (Azala).

Since its first editions, the annual eremuak workshops have been attempting to make reflection and debate on topics relating to art’s present possible, both within the context of the Basque Country, as well as within a wider scope.

In this sense, for 2019, we intend to echo certain sensibilities, attitudes, and manifestations that, despite arising from diverse perspectives and materialising in many forms, have in common a more or less evident relationship with varied aspects of what has traditionally been called nature. From abandoning institutional spaces in search of revitalising, dedicated outdoor areas, to the inclusion of living organisms or processes in those spaces, the desire for externality seems evident.

However, being aware of the problem of this concept, and in an attempt to avoid reducing the chosen thematic focus to a song about certain simplifying attitudes on the inherent complexity of relationships between the human and non-human, the living and the inert, the artificial and the supposedly natural, we think it is relevant to provide the root term of this plurality (the –k in naturak, or the –s in naturalezas), which will be what will allow us to address diversity that is more in line with the reality of the art world and all of the natures that it produces or faces.