l’occasione with “chico y chica”


Chico y Chica give a live performance of their latest album in a recital called NOTARIO (encadenado). A spoken concert. A performance using sound fiction, spoken books and read songs.

Chico y Chica adapt their sound to a more intimate and domestic format with neither programming nor rhythms. They intersperse songs with a reading of the science fiction story Cuaderno de apreciaciones de Raquel, la sensación de Calisto. Alicia’s voice is accompanied by electronic sounds throughout the reading, and by recordings made in nature and in Bilbao’s urban environment.

The album NOTARIO (Austrohúngaro 2016) is an audiobook based on the story Cuaderno de apreciaciones de Raquel, la sensación de Calisto. This romantic and traditionalist science fiction book tells the story of the wanderings of a space professional who spends many hours just thinking.

Her memories and insights shape a unique, exciting and intimate journey through outer space as extravagant as it is familiar: fake planets, robot conflicts, weddings, horror, romance, engineering, meteorological phenomena, space biodiversity, fitness, environmental conspiracy and miracles.

The idea for this audiobook came from a performance by Chico y Chica titled A spoken concert which they debuted in 2014 in the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, as part of a programme of alternative performance art.

Limited seating. Confirm your attendance to this email address:
a-badi@virginmedia.com. Please arrive on time.

Chico y Chica, Notario. Buy the aurdiobook here.