l’occasione with june crespo and giulia cenci

June Crespo y Giulia Cenci have met in an artistic residency in De Ateliers ( Amsterdam), where they have developed a mutual affinity for their work with sculpture. For L’Occasione they propose a workshop around their joint exhibition in the gallery Carreras Múgica, which will open shortly.

This appointment with June Crespo and Giulia Cenci will be a blind walk into the artist’s interests and backgrounds. An experiment between the two artists where the participants are playing both the role of main character and subject of the experiment itself.

During the blind session the public will encounter sounds, readings, touch, weight, shapes, textures, gestures… all elements that the artists have discussed and organized together to create a specific route through the space of the house which will host the happening.

NOTE:  Due to the characteristics of the event the number of participants will be more limited than usual. Inscription via email is required in: a-badi@virginmedia.com  On inscription further information will be given.