mapa export, cine de laboratorio

Mapa export, laboratory film is a contemporary film and video cycle presenting never-before-seen pieces in the country and is curated by MAPA, a collective of artists, born on the peninsula, looking at audiovisual theory and practice.

The programme will open on 7th June in Macba. The event will be attended by the curator, Tamara García Iglesias, who will present a selection of experimental short films which use the found footage technique.

The curator will also provide an introductory talk to the exhibition: The beyond… Life after commercial distribution Tamara García Iglesias will address the problem of how to commercially distribute independent artists who work outside of industrial production formats. How can we ensure a film lives on after it’s finished being made?  In the words of Tamara García Iglesias, “When artists reach the end, exhausted, they realise that making the film was simply one stage of production. How to keep it going beyond the latest festival is an act of creativity and imagination”.