oier iruretagoiena: jotzen gaituen musika (music which plays us)

Oier IruretagoienaJotzen gaituen musika (Music which plays us)

On 15th August, 2009, the newspaper Berria had its usual Zakilixut comic character on the back cover. This time, Zakilixut was going to the beach with a towel under his arm when he came across a violinist playing in the street, and he made one of his complex puns: “Musician? Music often plays/hits us!” [In Basque, the verb “jo” means both ‘play music’ and ‘hit’: “Askotan, jo egiten gaitu musikak!”] I understood it in terms of the ability of music to affect us and the interruption which unwanted penetrating sounds or tunes can be. But, taking the second meaning of the word, music can also hurt us, even if we use the most usual current musical devices.

You can download the PDF of the programme here [72 KB]