ondo bizi jardunaldiak “arte y pastoreo”

The doors open day in this fourth exhibition took place on Saturday 10th October (in person and streaming) and sought to bring the creative processes of the participating artists to the town of Karrantza and to anyone interested. Various stakeholders with a connection to the themes that interest us were invited along. They included the artist Natacha Sansoz, the researcher Marc Badal, the geologist and writer Jaime Izquierdo and the livestock farmer and cheesemaker María Bueno ‘Afri’ from the Under the Oak project in Aragües del Puerto (Huesca).


The day culminated with a lunch with the participating artists and the shepherds from the Avascane Association. The lunch took place in Restaurante Casa Garras in Karrantza. Chef Txema Llamosas prepared a variety of dishes from mutton, lamb and Carranzana sheep cheese, all local produce supplied by Avascane. This was a way of promoting and renewing the heritage of the Encartaciones region.

As we have mentioned, in addition to the doors open day, a paper publication is produced each year containing images and reflections from this communal experience and showcasing two samples/presentations of the work from the residency, one in a local rural location (Karrantza) and another in the city (Bilbao). In 2020, given the healthcare emergency, the exhibition spaces for the works have yet to be confirmed.