izenak izana egin

This work is split into two complementary processes.

  1. The book
  2. The installation


Izenak izana egin means ‘the name defines the being’. This founding idea stresses the non-existence of something original and the instruments used to create meaning from as early as childhood.

I start with a (children’s) story based on two forenames. One, Larraitz (Basque), is mine, and the other, Tenoch (Nàhuatl, from the Aztec period), is my son’s.* I see the act of naming someone or something as an act of aesthetic creation/production, and as an act of positioning with the place or person and the relationships sought in different contexts.

This is how I got interested artistically in the aesthetic etymology of Náhuatl and Basque forenames. I sought to question the possible meanings of some names from a more artistic than linguistic perspective, considering their visual/poetic but by no means less real power.

I have found various different interpretations and meanings for both Larraitz and Tenoch, so much so that I deduce that there is no one clear meaning. Using this method of interpreting a now distant origin, I want to draw links to enable other meanings.

*I want to stress that my intention is not to equate the two languages. They are completely different, and I will draw links without focussing on comparing them.

Date of resolution:
November 2020