alojar la mirada

The idea of returning a sleeping image to life, either through a kiss or the accurate extraction of an archive, leads us to the point of multiple reincarnations of the image.

Joan Fontcuberta.

The ARTXIBO collective proposes the BEGIRADA GORDE curatorial project, comprising three exhibitions.


It is the competency of art, among other disciplines, to show its mutating quality, and to work on the images that we think are immobile or decisive, and which we commonly call an archive. Moving these images away from their quality as documentation, or the origin of a discourse, and building narratives that enable us to verify that the images have also come to build, to invent memory and identities.


Alojar la mirada (Accommodating the gaze) is a proposal for collective work on the archive. It arises as a result of those display cabinets that accompany some exhibitions where “documentation” is distributed, used as an introduction to the exhibition, and which offers us a certain origin: cuttings, books, photos that are not themselves a work, which tell us about an already true, contextualising story. But what if the context were invented? If the narrative were interpreted, violently subjected to an idea or perverted? Would they be different contexts, beginnings and narratives? Is the archive a way of stating “truths”? Can it be anything else?


Through his three exhibitions generated with different artists, “BUCLE”, “MujerMaquinaFabrica” and “ÉL, artista vasco”, the proposed narrative will be reinterpreted as true, or a “B-side” of the same will be invented.

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Date of resolution:
December 2021