ART+ is a programme directed towards artists, designers, students, and other individuals interested in learning about current artistic practices around art, technology, and science.

The programme is divided into a meet-up and two experimental workshops. Over the course of a week, six artists and collectives present their work and, most importantly, their methodologies, in a series of informal talks. The goal is to share actionables and inspiration with professionals in the field.

The meet-up is divided into three categories:

  1. Digital Art, with Anna Carreras and Alba G. Corral.
  2. Electronic Textiles and Wearables, with Ejtech Studio and UH513.
  3. In the LAB, with Hamill Industries and Rotor Studio.

The Programme is rounded out by two independent workshops with 3 sessions each:

Skinterface, electronic textile workshop focused on the creation of soft sensors for musical interaction. Led by Esteban de la Torre from Ejtech Studio.

In the LAB, an experimental workshop focused on exploring the artistic potential of chemical and/or physical processes. Led by Gheada.

Beatriz Estevez (@the_b_sides_project )
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Date of resolution:
November 2022