AZPI Kultur Elkartea started the ATEA programme to promote independent collaboration between local cultural agents and artists. This initiative seeks to promote non-institutional artistic practices and spaces, and rethink San Sebastian’s current cultural geography.

ATEA was born out of the realisation that independent artistic practices, and by extension co-learning, are experiencing a lack of visibility.

In this sense, we identify the need for a stable offering through a place for creation/production and experimentation/research that can allow cultural programmes to be organised through participative management and connections with the local environment. The project looks to provide the local context with an open, dynamic structure that allows for a certain degree of improvisation. It also supports approaching art through practice.

For two weeks of every four months, ATEA will welcome expositions, sessions, workshops, and/or meetings.

In addition to considering the coherence of the content and the context during the selection process, each edition’s participants will keep in mind that the invited agents’ activities will be set in the territory’s socio-geographic proximity. In addition, each edition will relate work by various agents with the intention to work on transversality and intergenerationality through artistic practice.

Each ATEA will last for two weeks, during which time conversations, lectures, screenings, workshops, and performances will take place.

Each edition of ATEA will be built around a conceptual nexus. The curatorship work of each edition will be carried out by a AZPI member, who will be responsible for placing the development of their own practice in dialogue with those of other agents.

Each ATEA’s preparation process will be carried out in collaboration with all participants. This task will be reconceptualised for each edition in order to respond to the new configurations rolled out in each edition.

A publication will be produced after every ATEA edition. The content will be created and developed in association with the curatorial group and participants. Design and printing will be carried out at AZPI.


Atea has had 4 editions so far:

  • First edition, ATEA_1, end of July 2019.
  • Second edition, ATEA_2, in November 2019.
  • Thanks to the collaboration of Eremuak, ATEA_3  and ATEA_4 in August and November 2020.
  • ATEA_5 is underway.
  • In 2021 there will be 3 more editions, that is, ATEA_6, ATEA_7 and ATEA_8.
  • Closed
Date of resolution:
November 2020
Febrery 2020