bapore atelier

We present Bapore Atelier as a cultural service that mediates between the current artistic community and residents of Enkarterri. Through this association the aim is to bring current artists to Corredor del Kadagua by offering a space where they are free to create. Thus, Balmaseda will become a place where contemporary creativity is taken care of and fostered, in addition to providing the opportunity to offer creative education for the local population and visitors.

Starting by establishing links with guest professionals, Bapore Atelier will organise educational activities to approach and understand the different forms of current creativity among the Enkarterri community. The specific activity is based on inviting artists related to Contemporary Art and the creation of educational dynamics through artistic processes.

For this year 2020 at Bapore Atelier we propose that the invited artists respond to the themes of “Painting and Muralism” and “Art and Nature”, which are essential features of the region’s identity, starting in the town of Balmaseda. Through the projects, with their specific topics, aiming to create a greater impact and bring together the creativity and potential of our town, a link between historical heritage and contemporary creativity will be created. To this end, in each project there will be lecture-style seminars, workshops with the guest artists and a film series for each project.

The space provided for the artists in the Horcasitas Palace will become a place for experimentation and creativity during the exhibition period. The workshops, seminars and conferences will be held so that the community in Enkarterri can become involved in artistic production. All the activities will be carried out so that those who participate can interrelate with the artist during the production of their work, or so that the artist can explain to them how they are working. This will lead to the people involved in this space in Balmaseda can acquire creative tools that they will progressively insert into their everyday lives.