Blind Trio Unison

Blind Trio Unison proposes producing a series of textile objects and jewels that, while investigating the notion of collections or series, are associated with the choreography work of Amanecer alto cielo. On one hand, this offering investigates the materiality of words though diverse textualities that are intertwined through choreographic writing. On the other, different qualities of the vision and how they modify bodies and perceptions of them.

Borrowing the title of a practice from North American choreographer and videographer Lisa Nelson in which three performers move in unison with their eyes closed, Blind trio unison aims to interconnect the knowledge of various artisans to produce a series of collection pieces that are emancipated from the original performative context, ultimately convoking a series of artists to rethink the questions of a previous work by producing unique objects in a sort of laboratory that follows the intuitions and resonances of a previously produced material.

  • Actives
  • Artistic creativity

Nazario Díaz

Date of resolution:
December 2023