Blue Lines

The Blue Lines audiovisual project must be looked at within the space/format/art relationship of my latest works, in particular with the 2 Ordu project. By space I understand the territory of Greater Bilbao and its mental matter, on which I organise non-normative strategies of approach; generally fiction in audiovisual or literary format (mentalised architecture). These pieces of art are in turn the driving force for fictions and spaces for debate, education and public excitation. Fiction, convergence and archive.

The Blue Lines are very short videos that would fit within the format of excitations along audiovisual lines. In them we see a camera going through parks, mountains, rooms or trees. Throughout, a voice recites hallucinatory descriptions that contrast with subtitles that place us within the space we fly over.

  • Actives
  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
December 2023