br-ba irratia


The work of artists that express themselves with pencil and paintbrush, and those that do so with their ideas, are immediately transported off to humanity over radio’s unknown paths. Literature will experience extraordinary expansion, transforming every radio into an open book. Radio will be a portable school, a grand river of education that will have the ability to make its listeners believe that they are drinking wine when they are drinking water, without discriminating against anyone because of their gender, age, or social class. But be careful: interrupted radio waves could run the risk of a mental blackout, a temporary loss of consciousness sweeping across the country.


This reference leads us away from radio’s classic function (informing, entertaining, and educating), and towards an idyllic proposal, a creativity-focused encounter, something that jolts us out of silence. If not this, at least sparking our curiosity. If not this either, then destroying the space between the artist, their work, and the listener.

In this project, we understand and present radio as an exhibition space, as a storefront window into sound, and not just a broadcast system. How do we place the composition or pieces in order to exhibit them? How do we create a space that develops an itinerary “between” the pieces? How do we interpret a sound archive? What kind of curatorial criteria must we use? Would this change thinking around exhibition concepts and the way of creating them?

  • Mediation
Date of resolution:
June 2019