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Tintineos is a series of brief publications that are independent with each other, a platform for projects in their final phase of creation that need infrastructure to be published. We propose focusing on emerging authors in the historical Basque region. We want to study and understand what is happening in our context, diving into the studies of our colleagues, meeting with them, sharing, listening, and contributing to the development of a local artistic fabric.


To do so, we are working to begin our editorial work by publishing some of these artists to create a library that shows what is happening right here, right now. Together with this effort, we would like to create a network, through these publications activating the idea that other things can happen, producing parallel situations, and creating a space for presentations, workshops, and other activities that can serve as a meeting place to contribute to the creation of a conscious community with major capacity for mutual support.


We are looking for little gestures, loaded with desire, that are found between the margins, where enjoyment of the process, the joy of sharing, the drive for more innocent and primary creation is revealed.

Tintineos is an invitation to shine and celebrate the process, and share what is dear and emotional. It’s about the enjoyment and recognition of the small things. It’s about dancing with your friends, and this is the dance floor.


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Date of resolution:
March 2023