cine mapa #03

Encounters, 28 January – 01 February 2013, Arteleku Donostia – San Sebastián

Third season of strange films (now not so strange), as radical as always or even more so – third time lucky. This year, it has been entitled Cine Mapa 3, as it involves a constant effort of searching and mapping, of moving 25 pixels per second, of knowing what is happening in the field of contemporary audiovisuals, of staying afloat in spite of the tempests and sharks. Cine Mapa – more a treasure island than ever before.
We repeat the same format: five days, five guests and a musical finale. Every day, the guest and the Mapa work team take responsibility for curating the day’s events.

programme 2013


10:00-13:00 Virginia García del Pino I
13:30  Luch intro
16:00-17:30 TÊTE-TÊTE
18:00-20:00 Virginia García del Pino II

Virginia García del Pino, film director and projects director of the Masters in Creative Documentary of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. We met Virginia at the Point of View festival in Pamplona a few years ago. We could describe her films as homely, everyday films. Visions and portraits of what is nearest, with care, puzzlement, tenderness, pain and life, your life.
At Mapa 3, she will present her latest, El Jurado, premiered in 2012 at the National Film Festival of Mexico and present in the International Film Festival competition of Marseille, among other festivals. Below follows a copy of the synopsis as a kind of prologue to what might happen at Arteleku:
“The truth is only a group of pixels, the result of a digital zoom on a number of blurry faces. The camera films members of a popular jury, confronted with a murder trial; it is as lost as they are in the labyrinth of evidence, images and statements, in people of filming anything other than its own decomposition”.


10:00-13:00 Víctor Moreno I
16:00-17:30 TÊTE-TÊTE
18:00-20:00 Víctor Moreno II

Víctor Moreno, film director and lecturer on Audiovisual Narratives at the European Design Institute IED in Madrid.
Sometimes nothing more is required… And in this case, the sentence might continue as follows: nothing but time, time, time. And a camera.
We became familiar with the name, Víctor Moreno, when, in 2009, he presented a tremendously efficient and mysterious work to the public at large, El Extraño. Those images were both primitive and of the future. Because observing with care provokes monsters. In his last film, Víctor Moreno continues to dissect the world that surrounds us. For two years, he has been filming/observing from within the destruction of a building on the Gran Vía de Madrid and the result is Edificio España, a full-length film premiered at DocumentaMadrid 2012 and subsequently presented at film festivals throughout the world: Bafici Buenos Aires, Doc Lisboa, Donostiako Zinemaldia… If architecture is construction, this is anti-architecture in the form of a film. And a precise portrait of the contemporary world. Behind workers there are machines. Behind machines there is cement. Behind the cement there is an abysm. Behind the abysm there is darkness, in Madrid, Spain, in southern Europe, in the world, today. And Víctor Moreno’s camera continues to film the beyond, as if in reality you were asking us a question: And behind the darkness, what, who, why?


10:00-13:00 Aida Vallejo I
16:00-17:30 TÊTE-TÊTE
18:00-20:00 Aida Vallejo II

Aida Vallejo, lecturer of the Audiovisual Communications Department of the University of the Basque Country and specialised in creative documentary film. In 2012, Aida did a PhD on the history of the cinema from the Autonomous University of Madrid with a Thesis entitled “Documentary Film Festivals. Networks of cultural circulation in the east of the European continent”. Her presentation at Arteleku will have Eastern Europe, yes: a session with unknown names, treasures to be discovered and exciting geography, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Kosovo, Hungary… But moreover, Aida commented that she is also interested in the hidden aspects of festivals: How they operate and why they are like they are. Of the different festival profiles, the agents that form part of them, to the changes that have occurred over recent years on the international circuit. Aida proposes a session of role-play with the participants at the Arteleku Festival: jury, critics, the press, film-maker, the public…That’s how a festival operates.

THE SIDE OF THERE - 31/January

10:00-13:00 Cecilia Barrionuevo I
16:00-17:30 TÊTE-TÊTE
18:00-20:00 Cecilia Barrionuevo II

Cecilia Barrionuevo, programmer of the International Film Festival of Mar de Plata (Argentina). “Altered states” is the name of the section that Cecilia Barrionuevo has coordinated since 2010 in the Argentinian festival she works for. To alter means to change the essence or form of something. To alter means to disturb, trouble, worry. Altered cinema would therefore be that extreme film that wonders constantly about its own essence. Cinema that is about to change into something else. Intense cinema. Unstoppable cinema. Cinema at 1000 million pixels per hour. Cinema that trembles. Living cinema. At the 2012 festival, Cecilia coordinated a programme entitled “Altered Spain”. Now we want to turn the question on its head: What would a programme of Argentinean altered cinema be like? What is happening next to there? What films that go beyond the norm and the established rules are disturbing the underground cinemas and projection theatres in Argentinia? Cecilia Barrionuevo building subterranean bridges.

THE WALK - 01/February

10:00-13:00 Javier Rebollo I
16:00-17:30 TÊTE-TÊTE
18:00-20:00 Javier Rebollo II
20:00-21:15 Javier Rebollo + Rafa Berrio

Javier Rebollo, film director and lecturer in film direction at the Film and Audiovisual School of Madrid.
Rafa Berrio, musician.
Rebollo. Silver Shell for the best director at Zinemaldi 2009. Fipresci International critics prize at Zinemaldi 2012. A great director, without doubt.

At Cine Mapa 3 we propose an outward journey to his origins and a return journey to his future: first we will programme all his short films and talk afterwards about the materials, journeys and memories of his latest film, El muerto y ser feliz, premiered at festivals in 2012 and to be shown in commercial cinemas in 2013. A double journey therefore, from memory to the present and from the present to tomorrow: new projects, new films, new countries, new roads, new plans to continue filming. Rebollo is already writing notes for his next project and will be able to tell us something about it at the session at Arteleku. And as always happens during the last session, we bring together cinema and music to round off the week. Rafa Berrio sang and played his songs at a bar in Madrid. Javier Rebollo was in the audience. Both ended up at the bar Vicente, talking about musicians and cinemas and drinking Bernet to end the night. They have met many times since then. At Arteleku they will meet again to sing a little, to drink a little, to continue imagining beginnings and ends of films.

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