ciudadano loïck

Ciudadano Loïck describes the problems of evictions through the story of a father and his son during a period of their lives. Artistic and documentary visions unite to tackle the ‘Ground Zero’ of a human and social story about a family who are far from accepting defeat.

The first eviction halted in the entire country constitutes a landmark change for this project. Raw material which heralds a starting point. Meanwhile, the transformation of the central figures, Luis and Loïck, develops within the context of the PAH online platform (Platform for People Affected by Mortgages). From its founding by Ada Colau to the state celebration of its 5th anniversary and the crucial submission of signatures to the Congress in support of reform of the mortgage Law.

If something isn’t just, it can be changed. And the central figures of this film want change for everyone’s benefit. And, by rights and by action, change has already happened. Today, datio in solutum (the transfer of something in lieu of payment) and social housing is possible in many towns and cities across the country, despite the scale of the conflict. Unappreciated aspects for many, but fundamental rights for the thousands of families affected.

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  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
May 2016