de la línea al barro: exposición cerámica

We present as the first annual project of 2021 “From line to clay: ceramic exhibition“. It is a group of artistic installations and pedagogical events in which the creative process carried out by our four guest artists is made visible and delved deeper into. Those guest artists include: Fernando Renes, Estela Miguel, Raisa Álava and, as Enkarterri artist, Sonia Castán-Keyah. In addition to Miren Barrena, as the first selected artist of the HASZI program, in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country EHU/UPV and Bilbao Arte Fundazioa. Within this project we will have activities with Elena Aizkoa, Maite Leyún, Jose Luis Solaun and Inés García will be the curator of the film series.

Through the lines of drawing, a body is articulated which appears to us as a figure within a chronicle. Between the literary and the poetic, the real and the fictional, the tangible and the virtual; from an artist’s own perspective, we will be able to enjoy different narratives made up of drawing and pottery that will allow us to approach the stories of our contemporaneity.

These are artistic disciplines that, manifested through charcoal and clay, have shown us the different historical moments of many civilisations. Today, as contemporary art proposals designed specifically for the Horcasitas Palace, in Balmaseda, they will be in dialogue with the events of the town. Thus, leaving a trace of our historical moment through the theatrical props and extras of our great stage.


Elena Aitzkoa_BaporAtelier_Eremuak