dinero negro

Money laundering came about as an aesthetic research project that aims to reveal something that is hidden, which we all know is there and is not the exclusive property of people who form part of society, but goes beyond the boundaries of the middle classes as the greater the amount of money, the greater the difficulty of understanding the mechanisms used to conceal this.

Money laundering arose as the simple action of destroying a €5 note with a black marker pen, transforming this into a worthless piece of paper but with a huge symbolic value.

The Money laundering artistic project takes the form of a multiple/publication, in which the results of the artistic research carried out by the artists Mawatres (Juan Pablo Orduñez) and Fermín Díez de Ulzurrun, together with a number of artists with links to research, production and contemporary criticism from a relational perspective, will be shown.

  • Interpretation
Date of resolution:
July 2015