erótico / pornográfico

About seven years ago I edited the fanzine Boys, an erotic magazine for women. My main motivation for producing this series of drawings and then creating the fanzine was the result of a simple reflection: there is hardly any material of this kind created by women and for women. For the fanzine I used a very 1950s aesthetic, as if it were a vintage magazine. They were mostly black and white drawings, done in pencil or ink. I based the drawings on photographs by artists such as Bob Mizer and Andy Warhol and also photographs that I found in magazines and the Internet.

During the same period in which I launched the fanzine I was also working on a series of drawings based on covers of erotic novels. For these drawings, unlike those I drew for Boys, I adopted a more comical approach and they were drawn with coloured pencils.

And now I am returning to the topic of the erotic, but in a more open way and going into greater depth. I am not only interested in investigating the erotic but also the sexually explicit. When I first approached the subject with the fanzine Boys there was an aesthetic intention, but as I noted above it was essentially a reaction to the scarcity of erotic material created by women and for women. At the same time, I suppose that it was also a reaction to the overwhelming objectification of women that has occurred throughout history.

In contrast, in this project my main aim is to create a personal response to the subject of the sexual, the erotic or pornographic, or whatever you want to call it. I have not undertaken it as a reaction to what is lacking or what already exists, but out of personal interest in creating this world of images.

Nonetheless, I think there is a need for more points of view, more images of different types, and varied attitudes about sexuality and the erotic today.

At the artistic level, what I want to do in this new series of drawings is make use of the two previous lines of work, the fanzine Boys and the erotic covers, creating more realistic drawings but using colour.

  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
September 2019