escucha crítica

Critical listening is series of hearings proposed by guest artists, with the objective of creating a new line of investigation within the Listening Observatory project around habitual methods and formats of listening and hearing.

This project aims to question the listening situations used in the experimental practices, from the technologies used to the design of the space, so that the outline of a critical listening experience can be perceived, diverging from the usual formats of experimental practice development. The acoustic design of concert halls is traditionally carried out paying attention to the activities which will be developed there, and yet experimental practices, due to their unusual qualities, have to adapt to these spaces without being able to generate a critical discourse in that regard. To that effect, Critical listening hopes to create specific resonant situations in which artists can think and suggest new possibilities for critical listening.

You can download the PDF of the programme here [72 KB]

  • Mediation
Date of resolution:
August 2016