fem tour truck

Revolutions are made in the street, not at home or in institutions. The Fem Tour Truck project has therefore come about through the need to create new spaces for culture on the street which defend feminism as a social struggle which affects everybody.

The first stage is a feminist videoart competition which will involve all kinds of media, activism, performance, short films and experimental video. The second stage takes the form of a mobile movie theatre for selected videos and an activity room. The icon of the mobile festival is a truck which will act as a movie theatre, projection screen, transport and structure. The festival will be passing through Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Vitoria in Spain, Covilhã and Lisbon in Portugal, Cuenca, Quito, Manta and Guayaquil in Ecuador, and Bogotá in Colombia and public squares in these cities will be used as the venue for activities, performances, workshops, concerts, discussions and shows – a room of choices for the twenty-first century, just down the road.

Local artists from these cities have been invited to take part in the festival. As well as presenting their work in various formats, they are also part of an academic forum which will see them have 10 minutes to present their stance on various issues related to feminist art practices. The purpose of this debate is to attract attention from passers-by. We are not politicians but we want to make policy – policy for defending the body, gender, sexual freedom and sexuality. All these issues which still remain taboo are featured in this tour.

  • Mediation
Date of resolution:
June 2016