fourteen years of teen

The project titled “Fourteen years of teen” arises from the need to meet with our friends, work colleagues, people we admire and who admire us, and to organise an event that gives substance to the performance and live event needs that we have had for a long time.


Nowadays Elbis Rever overcomes physical distances by making music, videos, collages… but for us, performing live is absolutely necessary to share our musical work with our audience and friends, and also to understand it in its real context and to know what direction to take. It’s a bit like taking a distance with a picture when painting.


This summer it will have been 14 marvellous years together, 14 years remaining active, giving more or fewer concerts on occasions, composing more or fewer songs, but without stopping, even when times were difficult. Now that this summer we can get back together, and so that it’s not just a concert of our own, as we also have the need to meet again with the scene in Bilbao, in our proposal for the 14th the following musicians would be included in the lineup: Miguel A. García (Xedh), Daniel Llaría (Dalla), Sarah Fastré (JS Donny) and ourselves – Elbis Rever (Alba Burgos and Natalia Vegas).

Date of resolution:
July 2021