garai aldakorretako txoriak

The video “Garai aldakorretako txoriak” offers an integral reading of Joxan Artze’s work, focused on his first publication, “Isturitzetik Tolosan Barru”, which is a piece I consider relatively unknown, as I will explain, and, as a result, today a rather obscure piece.

The avalanche of criticism that “Isturitzetik Tolosan Barru” stirred clung exclusively to its more anecdotal aspects —religion and sex, great taboos of Basque society at the time—, offering a deliberately narrowed view of the piece.

My choice is also particularly motivated by the fact that I have intimate knowledge of this work and its genesis, as I had the privilege of contributing to its creation with a collection of my own photos, which gave way to an active relationship with Joxan Artze.

In addition, I consider this reading of Joxan Artze’s work to be essential because, as it is an unknown piece and a turning point in the transformation of contemporary visual-poetic language, it still preserves its full validity.

  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
June 2019