garden as a body

I would like to continue and review a number of lines of work deriving from the Garden Troubles project, and to strengthen a work of textual photo annotation, parallel to that project, which is constructed like a story and which writes the script for what I do. The aim will be to produce a body of work in different formats, structured like a more complete or polysemic contingent. A(some) form(s) that provide evidence of an ideological corpus as well as causing this to operate in succession.

Paradoxically, it is when society seems to become less contemplative that we take an interest in landscape. We see it as something beyond us, something that must be preserved. With Garden as a Body I want to create moving landscapes. Interiors. I am still interested in tackling the formal aspects in the first place, using plants and hydroponic cultivation systems in order to create elements, ideas and rhythms that subsequently articulate uses, actions, situations, records or recordings, which deal conceptually with the dynamic idea of object/subject and in their possibilities of action or contemporary emancipation as a generator of contexts against power.

Body as garden.

Garden as uniform.

Uniform as antibody without order but in concert.

Agreement as nature that refuses to comply the fate designated by order in a disciplined manner.

  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
November 2015