Crossed-arts project. Visual documents on performance creation processes (or not).

More information about the documentary Germinal. June Crespo by Carla Fernández and Inés Bermejo

We are drawn towards and excited about the mystery of creation: how ideas come about; how they transform; the life they take on. Likewise, how they create analogies, symbioses and metaphors which become artistic material geared towards a final objective: the creation of a work, a project that evolves over time. We want to be the eye in the middle of this process, to keep it in sight, record it and create a document with its own identity.

We document what you can’t see, focussing on the process, accessing intimate details, personality, and the characteristics of articulation of creative thought.  We consider the nature of each artist. From within, we get to know the steps they take, the materials they choose and those they discard, what comes into question and doubt, and the places they travel through so that an artwork becomes an artwork. It’s about getting to know creators in work mode. CREATING look and language, telling the story with a true vision, and developing audiovisual language where the result is its own artistic entity.

Our objectives: observe, record, accompany the process by looking on, knowing throughout that observing is a beginning of change.

Germinal aspires to be a series of documentaries on art that records the work in progress, the articulation of thought and the creative labour of the artists. We also want to highlight the internal labour of the participating artists and create an object with its own identity. To gather work by women, from a female viewpoint.

Creation or auteur documentary film making is a creative option which uses audiovisual tools to reveal something personal or private about an individual or group, whilst developing its own language. All of this leads to the creation of a new work with its own identity, and in tandem fulfils its role as a document, differentiating itself from journalistic reporting in this regard.

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Date of resolution:
January 2017