I festival de publicaciones artísticas

An artistic publication is one that values all the elements that make up its contents. The layout, paper, binding, size are all part of the “text” and can turn an illustrated story, a fanzine, a sticker album or commercial leaflet into a work of art beyond its mere subject matter.

For four days, sala rekalde is hosting exhibitions, workshops, conferences and talks that showcase the artistic possibilities of those media and their conditioning factors from their creation to dissemination. Authors, publishers, booksellers, designers, collectors and distributors have all added their specific approach to the current panorama.

The Artistic Publications Festival is organised by Belleza Infinita. Founded in Bilbao in 2002, Belleza Infinita creates events and edits publications, with the aim of questioning the limits of experience.

  • Mediation
Date of resolution:
December 2011