inmersiones 2017

December 1st and 2nd 2017

“We also know that within the collection of vapours generated within an art school lies some of the most interesting substances of truly experimental artistic reflection and action, those which impertinently question all fields of research involved in what we call Art.” (Ruiz de Infante, Francisco. 2007).

For its tenth anniversary, Immersions is set to submerge itself in the waters which flow from art towards its very foundation, the ocean of education, using artistic practices as tools and teaching instruments. We’ll discuss education, and we’ll highlight artistic practices which include educational or practical elements that can be applied beyond the usual art channels, and which draw on the educational community as an active participant in the process within a contemporary, participative and relational framework. Nor will we forget those who implement the educational dimension as a discursive or merely thematic element.

We also want to turn the tables on the Immersions slogan ‘Miseducate’ — in the art world, in some sense we want to ‘miseducate’. We take this term to mean the act of educating, as opposed to the established educational system. An anti-education. It’s essential we remember that collaborative, community or socially engaged art crosses over in many respects with the principles of critical pedagogy.

Queremos también dar la vuelta al slogan de Inmersiones “Maleducar”: pues desde el arte queremos de alguna manera “maleducar”. Entendiendo este término como el acto de educar frente a la educación establecida como sistema. Educar a la contra. No podemos olvidar que el arte colaborativo, comunitario o socialmente comprometido en diversos aspectos se cruza con los principios de la Pedagogía crítica.

Terms and conditions 2017 (call for proposals closed from November 11th)

Selected projects here. (Decision of the judging panel published November 15th)

Since 2008, the cultural association Immersions has been organising this initiative for local artistic and cultural projects that need new spaces for showcasing their work. Its aim is to encourage the “immersion” of public institutions and new audiences in the framework of contemporary practices. The Immersions format changes its approach with each new edition, driven forward by a new core group.

Organisers of #Inmersiones2017: Anna Pinotti and Iñaki Larrimbe