inmersiones 2018

November 29  – December 1

Inmersiones (Immersions) is, in essence, a conference for emerging artists around which a series of activities have been organised to strengthen, accompany, illustrate and enrich the conference’s presentations. It’s about sharing knowledge throughout the week in which the activities are held.

This year, we’ll have María Ptqk as the curator of activities. Under the title En torno a la hoguera (Around the Campfire), the contemporary practices of witches will be addressed, understood as knowledge that exists outside of the conventional realm (knowledge without authority or that is delegitimated, unusual methodologies, underground and fringe arts, peripheral and marginal sciences), as well as environments of sorority and refuge in which one can find protection from the enchantments of modernity.

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Opening Activities

Thursday, 29 November
Beginning at 19:00
Zas Kultur

Spell Contest Exhibition – inauguration
Approximately twenty artists have participated in response to an online call. The spells were published on social networks and will be listed on display in the Zas Kultur space during Inmersiones 2018. The winning spell is the song “Viajera del no-mundo” by Moonshakers.

Educational Action Exhibits: Reconocer (Recognise) by Rakel Gómez Vázquez, with the participation of educational centres – inauguration
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Bego AntónHaiek danak sorginak (All those witches) – talk
Rakel Gómez VázquezReconocer (Recognise) – talk

Friday, 30 November
Beginning at 19:00
Zas Kultur

Ania González and Horacio González: Burla Negra – talk
Ana Longoni.: Embutes de la memoria – talk

Saturday, 1 December 2018

beginning at 10:30 a.m.
Ortzai teatro – morning
Zas Kultur – afternoon

Beatriz Perales: the analysis and interpretation of one of the films by the contemporary director Kenneth Anger, Invocation of my Demon Brother.
Oihane Iragüen: Acousmatic practices. Everyday phantasmagoria.
Mariana Unda
Miriam Isasi
Raquel Asensi: research on women potters – a manual artistic practice, considered to be minor.
Belén Cerezo: the writing of Clarice Lispector
Sandra Amutxastegi: the confinement of immigrants in migrant detention centres (CIEs) as a contemporary witch hunt
Carmen Tomé

Ana de Vicente: a counter spell on the Zorrozaurre urban renewal project
Raketa Brokovitx
Lourdes de la Cal
Raquel MeyersAquelarre (witches’ sabbath) expanded typing and binary code performance.
Garazi Gorostiaga: sound intervention
Idoia Zabaleta: energy manager
Terri Florido