iturfest 2017

October 13th to 20th

Calles Iturribide, Prim and Fika, Bilbao.

A week-long festival of contemporary culture held in the Iturralde neighbourhood of Bilbao. Iturfest is a neighbourhood festival with, for and by the neighbourhood, aimed at those who live there and those who pass through. It brings art and contemporary culture to everyday life, finds common ground between the audience and the creator, makes small yet powerful gestures which enable us to see day-to-day reality from another perspective, and transforms and shares everyday spaces — both physical and temporal — using art. The audience not only attends but uses these places. They see their everyday spaces in a new way. A gap is created through which other possibilities and ways of interacting are opened, turning it into a space for questioning. The artists are invited to carry out specific temporal and spatial projects in the neighbourhood, and they also run parallel workshop-style activities with local residents. Iturfest is compiling the memory of the area through meetings with residents, and in this edition we will publish the information gathered.


Participating artists in this edition:


Helena Goñi, José Jurado, Gorka Olmo, Adelita Husni-Bey, Beñat Krolem, Ana Capilla, Saioa Olmo, Sahatsa Jauregi.

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Date of resolution:
May 2017