KAMPAI is half space / half house, offering a family-like environment of coexistence between artists that we would like to extend to what is shown to the public. We members of this collective are united by deep emotional ties, and we share a truly close-knit coexistence that teaches us how we work as a community. In addition to the location being able to serve as an exhibition space or stage for performance arts, we believe that through this trust emerge more experimental, intimate, and fragile things that would otherwise remain hidden. We would like to welcome residents and visitors, organise encounters that resonate with the day-to-day (walks, meals, naps…), or produce external offerings that make us feel a connection or arouse our curiosity.


Apart from that, this discipline’s transversal and expansive nature is precisely what has led Tripak members to choose performance arts. Coming from visual arts and music, we have arrived at theatre because it is a space that can encompass everything we enjoy exploring; sculpture, singing, music and sound, visuals, drama and humour, staging, costuming, the risk and fragility of live performances… For all these reasons, we see KAMPAI’s potential to be an open and transversal space that can bring together more or less conventional forms of all kinds of disciplines and interests.

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Date of resolution:
March 2023