las conjuradas…fuera de la zona de confort

(the conspirators…outside their comfort zone)

The aim of this proposal is to create an experimental audiovisual work that allows me to reflect upon the ways women have traditionally occupied the domestic space and the public space. It involves proposing some ideas about this problem based on a review and update of the one act opera by Franz Schubert “The Conspirators”, based on the libretto by Ignaz Franz Castelli and two works by the classical dramatist Aristophanes (“Lysistrata” and “The Assemblywomen”). For too long, women have declared that they are tired of playing certain rules and stereotypes: what they want is to reinterpret this space. They don’t want to continue feeling alienated, forced to play roles in that domestic space; but they don’t want to feel that they are intruders or dissidents either. What they want is to have the same level of visibility as men, seeking a public, egalitarian space which allows them to generate new images.



Presentation 18 March 2016 at 8 p.m. | BilbaoArte, Urazurrutia 32. 48003 Bilbao
Estibaliz Sadaba Murguia, presents her latest audiovisual work Las conjuradas… fuera de la zona de confort (7’52”, 2015), in which the author reflects on two plays by Aristophanes (Lysistrata and Las Asambleistas), in which the protagonists are women who collectively decide to take a step forward to assume an active public role.

  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
March 2015