loreen oihartzuna

An echo is born propagating its origin. A relationship of elements make the primary source resonate. The path changes that initial pulse. The bond created between the bodies on which that voice has ricocheted lead to a participated experience. The coexistence between Nadia Barkate, Javier Arbizu and Paula García-Masedo, in the exhibition hall of the Horcasitas-Balmaseda Palace, offers us parts and processes that reverberate with the presence of the public. In addition to the participation of Alberto Salcedo, as a local artist, and Aitane Landa, as a student selected in the HASZI programme, they form a sensory experience through the paintings, sculptures and photographs arranged around the space. Also included are interventions by Judy, Marina Suárez and Irati Gorostidi, through performance and film, which run through the proposal and give structure to the complete body presented.


There are very different shapes, such as the multiple flowers, converging as props for extraordinary and everyday stories. When walking through the exhibition, like a journey through real and symbolic images, stories we have experienced from and with flowers resonate. The relationships between ancestral and current figures and floras, signs and metaphors, communicate sensory experiences that move between vitality and death. Flowers as the echo of our becoming.


  • Mediation
Date of resolution:
March 2022