lucia c. pino

She lives and works in Barcelona.

Her work has been on display at Luis Adelantado, Arco Madrid, Dilalica, BCN, Et-hall, CCCC, COAC, Heinrich Ehrhardt Gallery, Espai 13 Fundació Miró, Espositivo, Bólit, Arts Santa Mónica, FAD, Angels Barcelona, Ana Mas Projects, AND Patform, Francisco Rabal Regional Film Library, Art Space NY Local Project, Pragda Big Screen Project, Casa Asia, BCN, Larraskitu, Aulenti Gallery, Triennale di Milano, and D/ART/ Sydney.

She has received the following awards: Barcelona Producció 2021, DKV-Swab 2020, ArtsFAD in 2019, Osic Grant in 2019, 1st Prize Casa Cultura Girona (2019), and 2nd Prize Vic Biennial, BCN (2006). Her work is part of the following collections: Macb, Collection of the Government of Catalonia, Arteria DKV, Utopicus Art, and the olorVISUAL collection at the Ernesto Ventós Foundation.

“Sculpture is also a place where something happens, a moment of suspension like an iridescent, changing zone that is at the same time elusive and brilliant.

The specific arcanum of sculpture is interesting because it is an essay on the enigma of the relationship between the place of what we can call reality and other locations.

An ensemble is not a seamless whole, but nor is it a mere aggregate without properties that are more than the sum of its parts. Ensembles cannot be updated, not even in parts. They fluctuate loosely around attractors instead of settling firmly on them.” 

(Lucia C. Pino)

Date of resolution:
November 2020