makal alaka laka
kala kalaka maka

Makalakak is a gathering around experimental musical composition and interpretation. For three days, the composers and instrumentalists Antoine Beuger, Manfred Werder and Stefan Thut, members of the group Wandelweiser, will give concerts from their own repertoire and that of other related composers, as well as run participatory workshops.

The aim is to open up a space which enriches the current context of contemporary and experimental musics in the Basque Country, giving exposure to new influences which in turn stimulate the productivity of local creators, as well as the general public’s curiosity, taste for new musical aesthetics, practice of attentive listening and awareness of the world’s sound.

Concerts on 12th, 13th and 14th December (Monday,Thuesday and Wednesday) 6pm in Bizkai Aretoa

workshop with stefan thut: ”movements in space”

We will be tackling a musical activity expanded in space – that is, we will focus our attention on materials that will be dragged across the floor by the interpreters. After a time of interiorisation of the sound (and vision), we will collectively find equivalents, extensions or adaptations based on the possible actions of our instruments or objects.
What we transform internally will be deployed again in space taking into consideration the moving elements.

There no restriction to the number of participants, although the number will influence the ways of acting.
Please bring your instrument or objects and I will bring the materials to create the terrain.

Stefan Thut, October 2016

Free registration:

10:00etatik – 14:00etara

Tailerra Stefan Thut-ekin: ”Movements in space”

workshop with antoine beuger: ``of being numerous``

This practice involves a number of interpreters and does not require a specific number of participants or specific instruments.

Our existence in the world: to be someone among many other “somebodies”.
We are everywhere, going back and forth, passing, emerging and disappearing again,
unique somebodies, occurring in an infinite flow, in continuous numerousness: lives wavering between the solitary and the abundant; among and apart; interwoven and separated; inside and outside.

It’s curious how, in English, “numerous” ends with “us” …

“… OF BEING NUMEROUS” opens up a space in which to affirm this tension, this challenge, this enjoyment, this reality, this promise of being (singular and) abundant,
of being both solitary and abundant, connected and floating freely, in a world of pure coincidence: of grace.”

Each participant should bring:
– 2 small stones
– a poem
– something with which to make a frictional sound that is spectrally complex, continuous and very soft (paper on paper, stone on stone, paper on wood, finger on skin, etc.)
– a bowl full of dried leaves
– an empty bowl
– something with which to produce tones (a musical instrument or anything else with which tones can be produced)

Antoine Beuger

Free registration:

10am – 2pm

Workshop with Antoine Beuger: “Of being numerous”

workshop with manfred werder: ``all the reality that is``

“But it is possible to imagine that – perhaps later? – the concert will be exclusively a workshop from which nothing, no dream and nothing imagined – in a word, no ‘soul’ – will overflow, and in which all the musical activity will be absorbed in a praxis without anything being left over.” Roland BarthesMúsica práctica, 1970. (translation by C. Fernández Medrano)

This workshop in Bilbao aims to delineate a musical practice that is capable of affirming all the reality that is.
A group of people interpret music sufficiently transparent as to demonstrate the natural abundance of the sounding of the world.

People who come to the workshop should bring an object that may or may not be related to sound. It is not necessary to have musical training.

Manfred Werder, September 2016

Free registration – maximum of 10 people:

10am – 2pm

Workshop with Manfred Werder: “All the Reality that is”

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