A project that resists being made into a project.

Resistance as the need to re-position.

The contemporary idea of `a project´ does not take into account the complexity of art work. At least, it doesn´t allow for the fact that certain artists find it impossible to create sense from an image that has been previously produced, agreed on and approved.

While it is important to participate in the productive system it is also important to go on creating sense in art through its specific nature, and this specific nature is alien to the mere desire for results.

Over the last six years I have created work within various disciplines: sculpture, video, installation, painting, music and performance.

For me, diversifying has to do with two ideas: the first is that there is only one thing to say and the important thing is how to say it; the second is the wish to become an aesthetic being, halfway between object and subject.

I have always made progress in art by doing. Alone or accompanied, I/we have always agreed to dialogue with phenomena more than with meanings.

We allow things to manifest themselves because the feedback from themis (almost) all we have to hold on to. We could try to put a veto on things giving feedback but they always end up doing it anyway. Letting them do it is to work politically in art; when this art form is put into a community it becomes profoundly rooted in its context.

Three months ago I began to produce within the eremuak programme after a period in which I had de-constructed myself as an artist. I have set up a new work routine moving between Madrid, where I live, and Bilbao, where I have my studio.

Taking up again is hard and I have found support in music and painting, which I think have lightness.

I am now using spray paint and a strange taping technique to produce images somewhere between collage, engraving and aerosol painting.

I make music alone and I also play in two groups that see music as a score for performances: the groups are called Am, where I play with Itziar Markiegi, alias Jana Jan, and Grupo, where I play with Natalia Vegas and Alba Burgos, alias Elbis Rever. Both groups perform in Bilbao.

Over the last few weeks I have begun to work in video and sculpture.

These techniques complement each other more and more in my work because it has become increasingly clear to me that making videos is like doing sculpture.

I have various videos under way and have attached images from of one of them, a stop-motion video in three chapters.

The stills belong to the first chapter.

  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
December 2011