For the 2023 edition, the proposal involves work on the physical and metaphorical frontier. This is the inspiration of Nokodek’s collaboration with Borderline fabrika en Hendaye. The two groups have joined forces to propose an event with mixed genres, formats, and artists from both sides of the border.

Also tangible in this project will be the border between human creation and that of machines. We will be putting one up against the other. This will materialise on 1 April 2023, in an event that will include different actions around these axes, with a writing workshop open to the public whose results will be used to pull the strings of AI technology, mixing the images produced with a visual/sound performance, all of which followed by direct audiovisuals and an interactive installation.


Offerings – LUMI + NAGORE LEGARRETA – AI WRITING WORKSHOP + MIRIAM RZM – MUTOSCOPIO. Instalation – Itziar and Lander Varona – Nokodek DJ/Vjs.

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Date of resolution:
March 2023