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Video of the presentation of the publication Analfabeta 1 (02-12-2016 in Azkuna Zentroa, as part of the eremuak 2016 conference).

This proposal, which has been running since 2013 in different places, is the conjunction of programmes that bring together talks, Analphabet Orchestra* sessions and an exhibition of works, giving rise to a publication based on everything that has been worked on so far. The idea of the position of the author (and therefore of the spectator) in which the work presented is not a single result because it is made to continue, and in parallel with the journey between media, which means delocalising the reference or the theme in order to reach new ones, are the main driving forces behind the project.

In the programmes (always accompanied by Analphabet Orchestra sessions), we take as an excuse the publication as a genre, as an element that makes visible, transforms and contaminates its own context as well as others. A.O. 2013-16:

Tabakalera. 16 May, Sukaldea, TBK (Donostia)
10:30 Intro 11:00 Casco 16:00 Azucena Vieites 18:00 Blanca Calvo + Ion Munduate, Mugatxoan

∗ PAF, St. Erme (Fr)
as part of the Paf summer university: “MEADOW (it’s all writing) – TXT In Contemporary Aesthetic Practices” with Marten Spangberg, Valeria Grazziano, Alejandra Pombo and Amaia Urra.

∗ Bulegoa. 17 May 11:00-19:00 Analphabet Orquesta session 7, with all the guests and other participants.
Bilbo-cara A, with talks by: Aziza Harmel and Gelen Jeleton.

∗ Larraskito kluba, Bilbao-cara B with talks by:
Sergio Prego and Jorge Nuñez, and exhibition of works linked to the A.O. with the artists  Maite Vélaz, Sandra Cuesta and Claudia Lorenzo Olatz Otalora.

∗ 26 November, within the Bulegoa project “el libro que esta por venir”: Aziza Harmel with Ayna/Gelen Alcántara with Jeleton/leelatu + Analphabet Orquesta session 9.

∗ Espacio Azala, Álava: with talks by Paula Caspao and Sandra Cuesta.
∗ Librería La Caníbal+ Nau estruch (Barcelona-Sabadell) with talks by Jesús Jeleton and Sandra Cuesta.

Prior to being accompanied by the talk programmes, only A.O. sessions have been given at: Marfa residency (TX, USA), Dutch Art Institute (Arnhem, NL), Arteleku (Donostia), Stroom Den Hague, The Hague (NL), or Zarata Fest (Bilbo).

The Analphabet Orquestra sessions practise and defend the illiterate position as a potential state in which there is not an established language. In the form of a workshop and through examples of artistic, cinematographic works… it involves converting these into musical forms without knowing how to.

Until now, the results of each session have not been worked on to increase their visibility, except for the result of the last session (session 6 in Espacio Puerta –Bilbo-) which was the recording of an original song followed by an imitation (while still listening to the original) and followed by a version with the participants. In this edition, the result of the work led to the idea of juxtaposing the backs. The imitation was the back of the original and vice versa. This indicates to me that the back of each programme and session could also be printed, full of folds shaped by each participant.

eremuak supports the publication that emerges from all of this and with the contributions of guests with the result that the contents produced may be published in printed form for those who do not attend and so that these can be used as continuous working material(for each participant).

The guests are, among others:

CasCo (Utrecht): Yolande Van Der Heide (Casco coordinator) and Janine Armin, (writer, publisher and collaborator of Casco)
Azucena Vieites (Madrid): plastic artist.
Ion Munduate + Blanca CalvoMugatxoan (Madrid-Donostia): art project; the latest productions are in the form of publications.
Aziza Harmel (Tunez-Berlin): artist, graphic designer.
Gelen Jeleton (Murcia-Mexico): artist.
Jesús Jeleton (Barcelona): artist, bookseller.
Jorge Nuñez (Bilbo): Artist.