My project for eremuak deals with questions relating to the performativity of language and the problems inherent to communications, through concepts such as resonance or vibrations.

The piece A sad song – Journey to Tuonela, investigates the old mourning songs of the Karelia area -traditionally sung by women -and their reiterative structures. In collaboration with a composer and countertenor, a melody based on these songs was composed and sung repetitively.

Words wound is a linguistic observation of human behaviour from the viewpoint of a parrot. In the piece, a solitary parrot repeats human words and environmental sounds, associated with its daily life and the people around him.

In the two pieces, the protagonists act like a kind of amplifier of the environment, through which both ideas of human behaviours and relations and the expression of emotions and power structures of language pass.

Ist es nicht schön?, a work that was created at the end of the project, relates to the musical experience of the deaf. In the video, a pianist plays the first movement from the sonata Opus 111, composed in 1822 by Beethoven when he was totally deaf, on a piano prepared in such a way that only the vibrations of instruments can be perceived.


Karin Dolk_a_sad_song

  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
September 2011