Souvenir is a book for adults made up of two stories: the commercial sex fantasy in “£20”, together with the utopian sex fantasy in “XXY”. In the form of a comic and illustrated book, antagonistic social systems are tackled with a common theme, in which songs, reflection and rebelliousness are shared. Stories of  “autofriction” (Fils, Paris, Galilée, 1977) are generated in this project. Self-referential discourse (and vice versa) is integrated with a subjective will.

The book is a register woven with a number of different disciplines: comic, essay, poetry, painting, dance, which in turn deals with a number of different genres such as erotica, the thriller, drama and absurd humour, with a strong dream-like and symbolic presence. Work-experiment with the eclecticism of forms, respecting the course of the processes.

“£20”: the price of a dance and the time of a song.

This story deals with the instrumental use of erotic consciousness within a number of specific circumstances, an account in the form of a travelogue, into which men and women, the city and dreams are gradually incorporated. Striptease Club, dark landscapes and small revolutions such as Gillian, the old woman, and her fragile memory.

“XXY”: planning a utopia.

A futuristic science fiction story consisting of drawings and paintings on board, which tells of how genders disappeared mysteriously following a long war, giving way to a hermaphrodite community tribal system. The text alludes to the course of a class, to time, territory and energy.

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Date of resolution:
June 2014