The offering –tarteka– consists of a participatory event through the work processes of artists that maintain some type of connection, more or less intuitive, to a very specific location. In a place called Bolintxu, we find a natural landscape that has devoured parts of the most residual industrial past of Bilbao’s surrounding areas. The idea consists of carrying out site-specific interventions along a small river that cuts through the forest until reaching the Bolintxu waterfall. This is an area that is being destroyed to build a road, meaning that this could be a symbolic gesture that, while nearly imperceptible to this reality, could add value to the space in the moment when this experience is brought to life.

The idea to present –tarteka– arose from an interest in producing new work processes that are adapted to our current situation, given the impossibility of freely managing our time and access to certain spaces. The event was designed as an appealing alternative that will be more clearly defined soon.

The artists that will bring this experience to life are Anaïs Boudot, Dietrich Meyer, Oier Iruretagoiena, and Raquel Asensi.

–tarteka– is based on tarte, a word in the Basque language that takes on different meanings including interval, space, pause, and even ‘between’.  A certain level of complexity should be noted, and its translation to other languages is imprecise. Tarte-ka guides us towards thinking more about intermittence. It is a corner of reality that can allude to the current situation in different senses and on different levels, which is also applicable to the experience of walking through the forest, or the artistic experience that this offering provides.

Artists’ proposals:

  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
October 2020