Unison is the space for work and research involving voice, language and writing and their rhythm and sound. The phrase and the line constitute a unit: the composition that can be made with them. And these are their materials:

respiration voice mouth word language sound rhythm accumulation repetition self-reference arrhythmia polyphony multilingualism gertrude stein lyn hejinian hearing touch horizon

Words do not simply end, because of synaesthesia: to pronounce them means to feel them, to hide them; examining them means bringing them into the mouth, giving them sound. And each word creates a space that surrounds it which is wide, wider and wider, between one and the other.

Words cross the horizon and become horizon, time and space. Words cross the horizon and become horizon, tempo and species.

Creation and research residence of Ixiar Rozas and Rafael Martínez del Pozo in Azala space of creation from 7 to 12 January 2020.

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Date of resolution:
February 2019