My interest in this project began when I visited a simple but moving monument raised during the Battle of the Ebro (1938) by the Sappers Battalion of the 15th International Brigade as a tribute to companions who had fallen in the Pándols Mountains, Tarragona.

This construction inspired a process of research and creation that has lasted more than 3 years and is the leitmotif of an audiovisual document that deals with the Spanish Civil War from a number of different angles and reflects upon the need today to recover history and memory from a critical and existential perspective.

Through the accounts of several people associated directly or indirectly with the monument as well as my own experiences during the many visits I have made to the place, this work develops several parallel and intermingled narrative lines as a polyhedral representation of a reality that could never be told from just one viewpoint.  The interviews follow a documentary format with records of different fictions of historical recreations and theatrical experimentation, together with recordings of an existential nature that reveal the journey itself and the battle grounds.

  • Artistic creativity
Date of resolution:
July 2015