varial 360

Recently, I have been carrying out work based on the idea of popular expression​​, understood as those actions whose scenario is the urban and social landscape and those gestures whose intention is to adapt to it and vice versa, adjusting the social configuration to the needs of the subject. I am interested in the operation of mediation in the making of aesthetic decisions in the field of individuality in order to enhance it and project it into the public sphere.

The different architectural devices that make up the urban space and that possess a clear functional purpose – gates, ramps, fences, benches, stairs, curbs, railings, etc. – are often the target of an intervention because of the desire of a subject to subvert that purpose of functionality. I am interested in when this impulsive action takes place.

In the carrying out of my artistic work I situate myself, in a deeply ideological and structural sense, in the context of praxis and the workshop. In this eminently practical work, a series of actions triggers others and these in turn trigger further actions. Thus, in this twisted link, according to its own logic (that of art), testimonies and artefacts appear, remnants of a process where constant practice and technical exercise are fundamental pillars and the intention is always to experiment and search for forms that take account of the aesthetic experience. An organising principle is established from which artistic decisions arise that generate formal results full of meaning.

The main objective of the work that will be carried out is the development of a series of sculptures which, although they begin with the concepts and models mentioned above, address the problem of sculpture itself. In this process I will experiment with areas related to applied arts such as jewellery and urban furniture design.

Date of resolution:
September 2023