vis a vis 2019

Vis a vis arises as chance encounters in different parks in the city of Bilbao. We propose producing a situation with a rehearsal format between two artists or researchers that have worked together previously, and in whom we intuitively sense certain synergies or similar interests through different contexts and practices.

The form that this meeting takes on will be decided based on the conversation between both participants, and it will be designed for a specific space and open to the public. This event arises as a space for experimentation and exchange where both guests will present their work in relationship with the work of the other person.

On this occasion, we propose four different encounters that will take place in Bilbao’s La Peña-Abusu and Etxebarria parks. For the month of July, the invited pairs will be: Raquel Asensi and Gelen Alcántara (Equipo Jeleton); Camila Téllez and Ignacio Tejedor; and, on the other hand, in September we will have: Belén Cerezo and Mario Santamaría; Leire Muñoz and María León.

We sense the possibility that problems around immaterial (or dematerialised) practices in contemporary art will be addressed through technology or performance experiences, while also touching on other current artistic themes such as ecology and feminism.

Likewise, we will rethink the way of documenting the event by inviting an art-related individual to capture everything they perceive and find interesting from their perspective and discipline as, after the encounter, a series of notebooks will be published.

  • Mediation
Date of resolution:
June 2019