ZIGiZAGa is a project that seeks to realise the DINAMOA creative space to put its action in contact with the context. Although it is in the form of an online magazine, it seeks to go further and is an effort to materialise the community, to give it a place. It aims to be a space for reflection and debate, and wants to contribute its grain of sand to the public sphere we live in. It aims to be a space that gathers different voices and practices and seeks to collect a variety of contributions on a central topic every six months. Artists, curators, activists, thinkers and other profiles will be invited to reflect on this topic. The way the reflections will be carried out will be very open: articles, poems, audiovisual pieces, sound productions, images… we will take into account any contribution that can be made via a digital medium.


DINAMOA will be a space for the convergence of our concerns and intentions with currents of thought around the world.

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#Interpretation #Mediation
Date of resolution:
December 2021