The theme of this new issue of the journal – in addition to the eremuak International Conference held in October 2019 – is the problematic term nature, which can also have plural nuances (the k of the Basque word naturak, or the s of natures). eremuak#6 brings together a series of contributions around attitudes, works and discourses which, in both the local and global context of contemporary art, take highly diverse approaches to what has traditionally been labelled nature.

The journal has textual and visual material produced in the Basque context by the following authors: Sergio PregoFrancisco Javier San MartínUsue ArrietaDuen Sacchi (artistic contribution to the central pages), Bea EspejoAlberto PeralLeo BurgeMaia Villot and Irantzu Yaldebere (artistic contribution to the back cover).

The contributions in this issue address diverse typologies and, as a whole, not only give a voice to some of the artists supported through the eremuak call for proposals but bring together some of the activities undertaken in relation to our work.

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Edition: October 2019 | Print run: 1500 | 88 pages
Edition: Aimar Arriola, Iñaki Imaz, Maider López, Leire Vergara
Coordination: Natalia Barbería, Maite Zabaleta Nerecán
Graphic design: Maite Zabaleta Nerecán
Text editing: Fernando Quincoces
English translations: Toni Crabb
printer: Gráficas Lorea