Edition number 1 of the eremuak publication with collaborations from a number of different local professional agents:  Maite Garbayo, Haizea Barcenilla-Saioa Olmo,  Ainize Sarasola, Ricardo Basbaum en bulegoa z/b, Marion Cruza/Grace Livingston, Miren Arenzana, Peio Aguirre and Txuspo Poyo.

This publication continues the initiative that began with the publication of issue no. 0 of eremuak, which in addition to documenting the projects selected in the programme, aims to gather specific writings and texts to create a publishing platform that brings together artists, critics and writers.

Edition: October 2014 | Print run: 1200 | 52 pages
Edition: Peio Aguirre, Beatriz Herráez, Itziar Okariz
Coordination: Maitane Otaegi
Graphic design: Maite Zabaleta Nerecán
Printer: Gráficas Lorea

Correction of the text  Ejercicios. Marion Cruza Le Bihan, sobre una recopilación de textos firmados por Grace Livingston y escritos por Mari Pepa, included in the publication eremuak#1.