eremuak#7 (2020) is the eighth edition of the journal that marked the start of eremuak’s publications in 2013.

This issue explores the possibilities of ‘the concrete’. It therefore has contributions from important authors in the field of the concrete along with textual and visual materials produced in the Basque context.

While sticking with the general structure of previous issues, it includes a series of brief responses from very diverse artists to specific questions around how they relate with the concrete from their particular perspectives. The artists include Izaskun Araluzea, Iñaki Gracenea, Ion Munduate, Idoia Montón, Chico y Chica and Nora Aurrekoetxea.

The journal also has contributions from the following, in order of appearance: Donald Judd, Teresa Lanceta, Rosa Parma (artistic contribution to the centre pages), Elena Aitzkoa, Frederic Montornés, Ainara Elgoibar, Txaranga Urretabizkaia, Leire San Martín Goikoetxea and an artistic contribution to the back cover from Gala Knörr.

Video of the presentation of the magazine on 17 October 2020, as part of the eremuak conferences, in Tabakalera.

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Edition: October 2020 | Print run: 1500 | 100 pages
Edition: José Ramón Amondarain, Aimar Arriola, Iñaki Imaz, Maider López
Coordination and graphic design: Maite Zabaleta
Text editing: Fernando Quincoces
English translations: Toni Crabb
Printer: Gráficas Lorea